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A Man's Guide to a Successful Affair

Affairs can be tricky. The reality is that getting caught is inevitable. So, how can an affair be successful? The best chance is to prolong the affair as long as possible. 

The rules and guidelines in this book won't prevent an affair from being exposed, but they will give some insight on why men cheat and why some men foolishly believe they won't get caught.

Unsolicited Dating Advice from an Unqualified Source

Dating can seem like a fruitless endeavor, especially since it seems like the goals of dating are vastly different between the sexes.

I'm no expert and you didn't ask but let me prove that there are no games, no tricks, and no gimmicks to dating. The only rules are the rules you create for yourself.

Allow this book to inspire you to empower yourself to get exactly what you want from dating and ultimately find love!

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Like Boaz

Often described as one of the greatest love stories ever told, the relationship between Boaz and Ruth illustrates the roles that loyalty, sacrifice, kindness, and integrity play in finding true love. 

This book focuses on Boaz's gentle but deliberate courtship of Ruth. Men are giving specific examples of how Boaz utilized biblical principles to not only find the love of his life, but to also start an amazing legacy.