The Perfect Man

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo's David

"A good man will do this..."
"A quality man will do that..."
"The man God has for you will do this..."
"The right man will do that..."

With all due respect, grow up. God is NOT going to send you a perfect man. Primarily, because no man is perfect. The man God has designed for you is flawed. He's going to be strong in certain areas and weak in others. He's going to say the wrong thing and make dumb mistakes. He's going to make bad decisions and be oblivious when you needed him to be aware. He won't be perfect and his ability to always do and say the right thing should NOT be your litmus test for his worth.

What the right man WILL do is compliment you and all of your imperfections. He will be apologetic when he makes a mistake. He will put forth effort, despite his shortcomings. He will attempt to right his wrongs and do whatever is necessary to not repeat bad behavior. He will hesitate when you need him to move with confidence. He'll make a quick decision when you needed him to be patient. He will slip, fall, and get back up again. He will be transparent, vulnerable, and most of all - consistent.

He won't be in the perfect package, but once you fall in love with him, it won't matter. He will cater to your needs and meet the requirements that you've always deemed necessary for a mate. He won't always be a great guy, but overall he'll be really good guy.

Please stop with this unrealistic and unreasonable expectation that the "right" man will always do the right thing from day one. He won't. I promise you he won't.

You shouldn't be looking for a perfect man. You should be making yourself available for a man who has the desire and ability to facilitate opportunities for you to be happy, prosperous, and emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.

He won't acheive any measure of perfection until he's yours. You'll shape him, mold him, and customize him for you. That's why he'll feel perfect.

Just my 2 Unsolicted Lincolns.